Friday, September 3, 2010

@ Tigress Books, 420 Ferry St. SE, Salem, OR • Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Third Thursday" poetry reading series is hosted by Maureen Clifford, PhD at JoAnne Kohler's Tigress Books in Salem, Oregon, USA.

Poet Nicholas Karavatos reads in spontaneous collaboration with electronic guitarist Jeff Kelley:

1. Antipodal to Craters Are Lava Plains
2. Saw a Face in the Grain
3. Crashby Station News
4. Another Grassy Knoll
5. Procreate the Revolt
6. Gudron Silva Says
7. Took Like a Cookie in a Sugar Coat of Arms
8. Body Revolve
9. with all there is
10. now with you
11. Shh
12. The music is played like it has somewhere to go
13. Oxford Music Sampler
14. Silvia’s with Me in the Kitchen
15. Social
16. Labor
17. Dear Kama
18. Thirteen January Eighty Nine
19. Fourteen January Eighty Nine
20. Two February Eighty Nine
21. Nine February Eighty Nine
22. Signs

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