Friday, July 31, 2009

"Saw a Face in the Grain" in Big Bridge #14

Saw a Face in the Grain
Big Bridge, #14

WAR PAPERS (3) Poems and essays against war. Sub-features by John Bradley, Joel Lewis, Philip Metres, Vincent Katz, Francesco Levato, and Louise Landes Levi, plus reflections from around the world on the election of Barack Obama, and, of course, Halvard Johnson's continuing anthology of anti-war poems.

WAR PAPERS: POETRY 3; Eating Chocolate Ice Cream: Reading Mayakovsky
Compiled and Edited by Halvard Johnson

Big Bridge: The Nola Issue

Friday, July 10, 2009

"Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop" & "now with you" in Hamilton Stone Review, #18

Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop
Hamilton Stone Review, #18 (July 2009)

now with you
Hamilton Stone Review, #18 (July 2009)

Both of these poems have been revised. The poem "Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop" now reads:

Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop

I’m in the bass line
While everybody’s watching

The last few I slipped down
Steepest stairs in the world
Are Amsterdam’s

One Thousand One Arabian Nights
Is my room above the Greenhouse Effect

Four women walk
Through the front door
My age

Cider in the coffeeshop
Seated at the threshold I see
The first looks

Both of these poems have been revised. The poem "now with you" reads:

now with you
is like being
alone only more
now with you
is like convers-
ing with nothing left
to say
now with you
not able to see
more than you could
not before
now with you
is less different than without
and I am even more
as I was before.