Friday, January 15, 2010

Audio - Arcata Theater Lounge - December 2, 2009

Art Brown (guitar)
Edmond Deraedt (lights)
Nicholas Karavatos (poems, projections)
Jeff Kelley (guitar)
Mark Weston (percussion)
Shao Way Wu (bass)

An inter-media spoken word performance celebrating the publication of No Asylum by Nicholas Karavatos.

  1. Rapunzel Akbar
  2. I'm not vengeful. Just sleepy.
  3. Saw a Face in the Grain
  4. Another Grassy Knoll
  5. Crashby Station News
  6. Procreate the Revolt
  7. Body Revolve
  8. Spectacle of the Prophets of Phallopolis
  9. Shh
  10. The music is played like it has somewhere to go
  11. Written in response to a Subliminal Infusion of the Band fIREHOSE
  12. Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop
  13. Direct Action
  14. Two February Eighty Nine
  15. Twenty Two July Eighty Nine
  16. now with you
  17. Signs