Sunday, November 23, 2008

North Country Fair, Arcata Plaza, Arcata, CA – 20 September 1992

Bassist: Morgan Stern
Guitarist: Art Brown
Percussionist: Eddie Justiniano
Percussionist: Mark Weston
Poet: Nicholas Karavatos

the poems:

No Asylum
Noisy Men Again
This Is the Place
Resting Place
Leisure Tenders Revolution for Despair to Harvest
Along the Dotted Lines
The Coming Soon
Making Medicine with Shiva
How Do I Love Thee?
sacred text edited for television
mystic bargain basement
Above and Below on Other Days
Burning at Too Low a Temp
Written to a Subliminal Infusion of the Band fIREHOSE
The General Hysteria of Living in the Trees
Down Past the Mined Potato Rock and Back
What Truth about War Survives

This was a spontaneous collaboration performed live outdoors:

The original recording is an analog soundboard tape engineered by All Around Sound


Jeff said...

I was unable to open the file format. It has an extension wma, which is associated with windows media player, but the player did not recognize the file format.

Nicholas Karavatos said...

It is possible that the server is unavailable because of network upgrades that are going on right now.